New Traffic Control Device 

The City of Quincy is adding a new “Four Way Stop” intersection to King Street. Recently motorist driving East and West on King Street have noticed a new traffic warning sign and amber flashing light immediately before the intersection of King Street and Stewart Street. The warning sign and flashing yellow amber light will remain alerting motorist of the coming of the new stop signs which will be revealed the week of October 13 – 18, 2019. These new traffic stops signs are being added solely for the safety of residents, visitors, motorists, pedestrians, and school children.

The Quincy Police Department has spent literally thousands of man-hours over the last several years monitoring this location for speeding and writing both citations and warnings. QPD has also utilized both radar signs with flashing speeds and drone (unmanned cruisers) vehicles with flashing blue lights at this location. However, even this level of Patrol presence and enforcement it has not slowed traffic at this location to the level that area citizens desire. At a recent public meeting QPD presented members of the community with several options to compliment police officers physically being at the location constantly which isn’t a viable option due to other calls for service and other locations in the City requiring police presence and traffic enforcement as well.

Officers discussed with citizens options such as installing speed humps on King Street or building traffic roundabouts on King Street and neither of these ideas were well received. Therefore, the new four-way stop intersection was the idea which garnered the most support from this group of citizens due to cost feasibility and overall ease of implementation.

While the Quincy Police Department understands that some citizens do not support stop signs this is the recommended option to reduce the speed of cars traveling East and West on King Street due to there being absolutely no traffic control devices to slow or stop traffic between N. Adams Street and 14th Street.

Chief Glenn Sapp