Because of rain from Hurricane Sally, the City had a sewage spill of 200,000 gallons at the Waster Water Treatment Plant.
The spill was caused by the 3 to 5 inches of rain water in a 90 minute time span; our pumps were not able to keep up. All regulatory Agencies have been notified.
Thank you for your patience.
Jack L. McLean Jr.
City Manager

City of Quincy Meetings Held Via Zoom

Due to COVID-19, all  City of Quincy Meetings will be held via Zoom and will broadcast on WQTN – Channel 13 and the City’s Facebook page.

To participate, you may email your questions in advance of the meeting or during the meeting to citizenstobeheard@myquincy.net.  Your questions will be given to the Clerk or the Mayor. The Mayor will direct the appropriate person to respond to the question.

Please follow the following instructions when submitting your questions:

  1. In the “Subject” line, please identify the Agenda Item Number
  2. In the body of the message, please begin with your name and street address
  3. Clearly state your question(s) for the Commission and/or Staff


“On Friday, June 19, 2020, Plaintiffs, Julie Baroody, and William B. Farmer dismissed the race discrimination suit they filed against the City and named Commissioners. The suit alleged that the City of Quincy, Mayor Keith A. Dowdell, Mayor Pro Tem Ronte R. Harris, and Commissioner Angela Sapp discriminated against the Plaintiffs because of their race-White-and violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Federal Judge Winsor rejected the Plaintiffs’ May 16, 2020 motion to stop the City’s June 9, 2020, and entered a June 7, 2020, ORDER DENYING PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION MOTION.   Judge Winsor ruled that the Plaintiffs failed, based on the evidence, to show that they had a “substantial likelihood of success on the merits.”  The Plaintiffs filed a NOTICE OF VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL of the lawsuit within twelve (12) days after the Order and the City’s Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit.

The City is very pleased with the non-discrimination Order, the swift ending of the suit, and the resulting saving of precious and limited financial resources that now will be used to meet the needs of the People of Quincy.”

Health Message From Police Chief Glenn Sapp

On COVID- 19/Coronavirus Prevention & the Law

By now we are all aware of the health war we are all fighting against an invisible enemy called the Coronavirus or COVID- 19. This airborne respiratory virus attacks the heart and lungs of healthy people and in some cases may lead to death.

The State of Florida, Gadsden County and The City of Quincy have all issued legal Emergency Declarations for “Shelter In Place” and “Stay At Home.”  The purpose of this is to help prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Many of you are unsure what a Stay At Home order allows you to do so here are some dos and don’ts for living under these legal orders.

Some things that are allowed are:

  1. Going to the pharmacy for medicine
  2. Going to the grocery store for food
  3. Going to check on the medical condition of a relative
  4. Limited amounts of exercise are allowed such as short walk etc.
  5. Stopping for gas for your car
  6. Traveling to and from work if you have an essential occupation such as a first responder

However, if you are not doing one of these activities you should “Stay At Home!”

While recent findings have previously revealed that persons contracting this disease with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, lupus and high blood pressure are at an increased risk for having severe affects new findings show that of those victims who die from this African Americans have died at an alarming percentage.

Gadsden County is under a curfew from 12AM until 5AM. This includes Quincy. For the past week law enforcement has been somewhat lenient and only given curfew violators verbal warnings. That phase is ending and beginning today you will find that if you are caught out breaking the County curfew and it is discovered that you do not have a legitimate reason to be out you may be criminally cited with a Notice To Appear for a misdemeanor offense and required to appear in court at a later date to explain yourself.

If you have family members or relatives that you know routinely “hang out” at neighborhood spots such as convenience stores or other public areas please inform them of the changes and pending enforcement on these issues by law enforcement.

To avoid being cited and given a Notice To Appear please cooperate with our state, county and city governments by staying at home as much as possible and if you must go out please do the following to prevent becoming infected with COVID- 19:

  1. Wear A Mask! Covering your face (nose and mouth) has been proven to help prevent the spread of COVID- 19
  1. Wash your hands with soap often and every time you come indoors.
  2. Use hand sanitizer often to kill germs
  3. If you cough or sneeze do in the inner part of your elbow (not your hands)
  4. If you find yourself sick with flu like symptoms such as difficulty breathing, coughing and a fever DO NOT go to your doctors office without calling them first! Call first and your doctor will give you instructions of what to do.

Remember we are Quincy Strong and if we work together and look out for one another and be good neighbors then we will all get through this together! So, stay safe, stay home and God Bless!

Your Chief of Police, Glenn H. Sapp