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Message from the City Manager, Jack L. McLean Jr.

August 18, 2019

The past two days of severe rain events and intense lightning resulted in significant localized flooding and oil seepage in the following areas:

Virginia/Flagler (localized flooding)
South Shelfer Street/Inlet Street area (non-PCV oil seepage)
Rainwater running across MLK to Virginia Street and the overflow from the drainage ditch west of Flagler caused localized flooding. City Staff put in place on Saturday, sandbag arrangement that diverts the water typically, however, the flow was too high, and the drainage pipes, put in place by the private subdivision development, on Flagler are too small. Mayor Dowdell requested me to address the under-sized pipes in the next year’s budget.

On South Shelfer and Inlet Streets, residents observed what appeared to them to be sewage drainage in the Lake Skillet Subdivision on Inlet Street, South Caldwell, and Lucky Street. What the residents saw was non-PCV oil leakage from an electric transformer located at the Emery Business location. (The oil is a non-contaminated oil.) The transfer was struck by lightning under the rain event. The oil spill and the rain likely caused the drainage. The 1500 kVA transformer is being replaced by staff this afternoon. The Utility Department did not have the correct sized transformer, because Hurricane Michael deleted the warehouse inventory. (The warehouse inventory is being restocked.) Director Robin Ryals called Tallahassee Utility Department for mutual aid assistant; Tallahassee is delivering the needed transformer and our crew, along with a Tallahassee crew, will be working through the night.