Code Compliance and City

Code Compliance and City Beautification:

The beauty of the City is achieved in great part by the meticulous attention of residents and businesses to their premises, and also due to the rigorous code enforcement work of the Department.  During this year Code Enforcement took the following actions:

Abandoned Vehicles:          63 cases written cases; 42 voluntarily compliance and 21 have orders pending.

Overgrown Vacant lots:      78 written cases; 36 voluntarily compliance and 42 have orders pending.

Dangerous Buildings:         12 written cases; 5 voluntary compliance and 7 at Code Magistrate level.

Unsanitary Conditions:       4 written cases; 3 voluntary compliance and 1 pending.

To enhance code compliance, during the past year, the Department prepared and distributed two courtesy notices: 1) regarding code compliance situations in general and 2) regarding lawn care.