Building & Planning Department


The Building and Planning Department is responsible for providing current and long range land use planning and development services in the City of Quincy.  The Department’s staff works with land developers on a variety of projects including site plan reviews for new development and redevelopment as well as renovations.  The staff provides interpretation of the City’s land development code and is in charge of code enforcement.  The staff reviews development applications for consistency with the zoning code, the comprehensive plan and state and federal regulations and subsequently issues development permits.

Applications for business licenses, inquiries for the location of a new businesses and economic development are handled by the Building and Planning Department.  The Department provides staff services to the Planning and Development Review Board, the City Commission, the Quincy Historic Preservation Commission, and the Code Compliance Magistrate.  These functions of the Building and Planning Department are guided by a mission and visions for the City which is centered on the creation of an urban environment that is attractive and supportive of economic development and makes the City the best place to live and work.

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Guide growth and development in the City of Quincy based on innovative and smart growth principles that utilizes energy saving techniques and practices, protects the environment, and promotes economic viability while protecting the historic treasures of the City in order to enhance the quality of the life of citizens and help the City stay abreast of changes in time and population so as to remain at the heart of Florida’s future.


Vision 1:  Promote responsible and innovative urban development that utilizes smart energy saving technology and practices to make the City of Quincy the most attractive place to live, locate business, work, and retire.

Vision 2: Promote economic development programs that will help bring businesses to the Quincy Business Park and the city in general in order to enhance the employment and tax base of the City.

Vision 3: Provide for sound economic development activities in Downtown Quincy that focuses on family oriented commercial retail activities and mixed uses that will ensure the viability of the downtown while protecting the aesthetic and historic structures of the area.


Charles Hayes, Interim Building and Planning Director 
404 West Jefferson Street
Quincy, Florida 32351
Office: (850) 618-1883