Future Plannning & Economic Development

Long Range Planning:  The City has a State approved comprehensive plan that was prepared consistent with State Law.  The Plan establishes the framework for urban development and environmental protection in the City and guides the much detailed zoning and land development regulations.  Copies of the comprehensive plan are available at the City Hall.

Quincy Business Park:  The Quincy Business Park represents a very significant effort of a small City to promote job creation.  The Park includes more than 100 acres of mixed-use business sites, with about 184 acres in reserve, located on Joe Adams Road, off State Road 267 (Pat Thomas Parkway) which connects directly with Interstate 10.  It is zoned Heavy Commercial (C-2), which permits flexible mixed business uses such as warehousing, wholesale distribution and light manufacturing. The Park has undergone preliminary plat process and is subdivided into 25 lots, with sizes ranging from two to five acres. The Park is appropriately situated among compatible uses.

Advantages for Locating in Quincy: The Quincy Business Park and the City of Quincy offer a unique set of locational advantages not common in north Florida.  They include:

1.      Market Accessibility:   Locating within the Business Park allows for an  easy movement of goods to markets all over North Florida and southern Georgia through the I-10 corridor and State Road 90.  At only about 20 miles (25 minutes-drive) from Tallahassee, the Park is an ideal place for businesses that would like to relocate from Tallahassee or establish a second location at Quincy and still take advantage of the Tallahassee market.

2.      Infrastructure and Smart Grid:  The Quincy Business Park has been planned and any prospective business would have access to water, sewer, state-of-the art electricity delivery system on a smart grid, and natural gas lines, as well as paved roads with no traffic congestion.

3.      Land Availability The availability of suitable land to locate a business is very often referenced as fundamental to the selection of where to locate a business.  The Quincy Business Park has adequate land to accommodate any size of business.

4.      Available Labor Pool:  The two major universities: Florida State and Florida A & M provide a talented labor pool for the area.  Tallahassee Community College, Keiser College, and ITT Technical Institute also provide a pool of highly trained potential employees for any business that wants to locate in the area.  The Gadsden Technical Institute is also a source of labor for new businesses.

5.      Community Wellbeing:  With its central location in Gadsden County and County seat, Quincy is the largest city in the County and serves as the focal point around which every activity in Gadsden County revolves.   The city offers a view of rural Florida that cannot be found elsewhere with one of the largest historic districts in Florida and a multiplicity of recreational facilities including the newly constructed Tanyard Creek Park, golf driving range, as well as football and baseball fields.  The school system performs above state and national averages.



Business and Facilities Within and Adjacent 

Supervalue Distribution Center,

Big Bend Rebar,

Quincy Fire Station

National Guard Armory

Locational Incentives:

  • Tax Incentives: Tax credit for locating in a Florida Enterprise Zone.
  • City Incentive Package: City negotiated incentive package tailored for specific businesses based on an economic development rate that may include such things as utility fee waiver, reduced utility bill for the early years of the business and reduced land cost.
  • Expedited Review and Permitting process:  For businesses locating in the Quincy Business Park, the permitting process will be expedited so that a process that normally takes 6-9 weeks would be completed in 2-4 weeks.
  • Quick Response to Industry Questions:  The City’s planning staff will give priority to questions and inquiries from businesses that want to locate in the City.

For More Information:



Bernard Piawah, Ph.D.

850-618-0030; Ext. 6677

Email: bpiawah@myquincy.net